Friday, August 28, 2009

Capturing an aeroplane

Those were the days and nights too. Well, I don't remember the nights, I used to sleep in the nights. But, few days I remember. I know you will say that how come I remember when I was only few months old. Don't kid me with these questions when you know I was born intelligent. Ok, so it was one of those beautiful summer evening when I was crawling around my house. I could have walked too but I was acting my age which was about seven-eight months at that point in time. I was playing with the sand, actually eating the sand but I should not be telling this to you as you might tell this to mom. Just then I saw a aeroplane landing in our courtyard. It landed just besides me and what caught my fancy was its bright yellow color. A bright yellow coloured aeroplane in our own courtyard, I was thrilled. I wanted to catch it and keep it with me lest it flew again out of sight. So, with one reflex action I caught the plane in my right hand. I know what you are thinking but I guess I didn't tell that I was born brave and strong as well. The aeroplane tried to fly away but with all my might I held it tight. I thought that this was going to be the most heroic task of my life. Capturing an enemy's plane. Mom would be proud of me and I would get a bravery medal from President on next 26th Jan. It was not a ordinary plane. It was a bomber plane. Just when I was about to be getting the medal in my dream when it detonated a bomb! I did not hear the sound of the bomb but it mist have been massive coz I felt severe pain in my hand. It was too much to bear and I started crying out loud in pain. Mom came running from kitchen and pick me up and asked why was I crying. I could have easily told her that I had caught a bomber plane but I was acting my age so I just kept crying. She could not figure out for some time. Then she looked at my closed hand and opened it. Therein lied the debris of a wrecked plane! I must have broken it with my tight grip. Mom picked up the wreckage from my hand and threw it away. I overheard her saying to dad after he returned from office that I had caught a wasp in one hand . I did not like the name wasp for a bomber plane. It should have been something more deadly. My hand became twice its size due to after-effects of bomb and I was on my way to becoming a man!

Moral to blog readers - Not all shiny yellow things are gold or aeroplane!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Driving, IPL and a fateful morning

I love driving. I love driving at night to be precise. I love driving at night with interesting company to be even more precise ;-) ok,interesting company aside its quite a fun to drive at night with cold breeze on your face and you can hit the full throttle. So, all the people who leave in delhi or nearby make their will and eat their fav ice-cream one last time before they venture out. ok, kid you not,you are safe. But, do eat ur ice-creams coz life is always unsure! (Why should I be the only one with cute tummy!)

Now, coming back to driving, here is first question of the post to the blog-reader - I'd like to know what kind of songs you ppl enjoy while driving in a car. I know it depends on the mood but there have been times when I liked those songs which I wont listen any other place.

On the topic of music, I recently listened to 'je tu aankheenya de' and am loving this song. too gud. amazing.

Je Tu Akhiyan De Samnay Nai Rehna
Te Biba Sada Dil morh de

google it. listen it. I'm not uploading it here for your convenience!

And now...just a day left when the baap of manu and ranjan arrives!! In case you are one of those who use their tv's as tables its an ad campaign for IPL which portrays IPL as baap of manorajan (ie father of entertainment - for only angrezi speaking janta!) so, second question popped out here for you all - do you like such very pj'ish fully faltoo kind of humour! am impressed by the creativity of these media ppl though! Ab lage hathon ek-aadh questions aur puch leta hua IPL pe. Does celebrity involvement will only make it more sellable yet low on quality. Frankly speaking to me it seems these are the days of reality tv and we would like to peek into others life more than appreciating their skills. will write more on this later, main sabse important baat batana to bhul hi gaya...

This is it. Last week it happened. Its something only guys can dream of (specially soft engg kind of poor guys). It seemed like any regular morning. I reached office and sleepingly walked towards to the lift which takes me to 5th floor of my building. Now, I hadn't seen any kind of omens that such a bright day might day might come in my life while I work in this company. I got into the elevator and then some more ppl. The lift has capacity of 8 ppl. I was one of them but now hold ur breath, can you believe it, all the other seven were girls. For quite some time I had believed even the whole company do not have these many girls. A couple of them looked like just pure sun-shine to me. One was wearing a white suit so was extra bright and I could barely open my eyes (or it cud be sleepiness as well) so, as you all will agree it cant be true and can only happen in a dream, I did thought the same and pinched myself so hard that a couple of my bones got broken. I know you guys wont believe it but this post have been written by speech recognition software, my bones are still healing so you can send those flowers.

But it wont be long that I'll back to driving so if you see a sliver car coming towards you fast order your fav ice-cream!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

weekend trivia n tips

- India Gate looks beautiful at night so dont forget to pick ur camera, I did!
- Lights get switched off by 10, so be there early if you want to catch it in its full glory.
- you'll enjoy playing all childhood game there like blindfold, pakdam-pakdai and kho-kho :)

- Even decent holi can be great fun if all the ppl that matter the most to you are there :)
- Small children's faces look even more lovelier with color :)
- You dont need to be put into washing m/n if you played holi only with gulal

- Akshardham temple is huge, beautiful and looks majestic in the evening
- The musical fountain is a great xp!
- The food-joint inside isn't that good, so eat only ice-creams

- Great India Place, noida is no doubt great, but if you go in group, stay together!
- Never park your car in GIP basement parking, you'll only need close to an hour to find it back
- Pizza hut n' KFC serve good food but first watch your waste-line :)

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Random thoughts

~ Life's is lived in moments

~ Some pleasures in life are free and permanent like cool breeze of spring

~ No one person holds the key to ur whole life

~ Life gets bounded with time but then the moments of freedom gives more kicks

~ One need to have many friends, only this makes life fun :)

Thursday, September 6, 2007

eer-beer-phaatte mountain adventure :)

Ek rahen eer...
Ek rahen beer...
Ek rahen phaate...
yahi huim...

eer is a smart boy...
beer is a good boy...
and phaatte yani hum...
is a COOL boy!

eer kahe chalo moutain chadi aaiye...
beer kahe chale moutain chadi aaiye...
hum kaha chalo humau moutain chadi aaiye...

eer chade khub paahaad...
beer chade khub paahaad...
aur hum...
hum bhi chade khub paahad, haha....

eer phisle ek dui baar...
beer phisle ek dui baar...
aur hum...
hum phisle baar baar laagatar...haha

eer bole chalo jangal pani hui aayi...
beer bole chalo jangal pani hui aayi...
hum bole
chalo hamau jangal pani hui aayi...

eer ki to flight miss...
beer ne ki fast landing...
aur hum
hum bhi kar hi dale, haha....

there's once a eer
there's once a beer
there's once a phaatte
and thats me!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

7's that make up the girl-of-my-dreams :)

I was tagged to write this। So, here's my list put without much thought :)

1) She should be a very enthusiastic and lively person. Full of life always...

Me : I am getting bored :(
She: Lets put a cracker on padsoi's door, what say?
Me : yeah :)

Me : Honey! I'm home!
She: Darling jaldi se fresh hoke aa jao, maine aaj halwa banaya hai. Tumhare liye ek action movie ki CD bhi laayi hun. Main jaldi se popcorn bana kar aati hun, phir saath main movie dekten hain.
Me : yaar! action nahi, romantic lani thi aaj toh ;)

Me : hey! how was ur day?
She: Arre, pata hia aaj kya hua...blah blah...then blah blah...then some more blah blah
Me : zzzzzzz, happily :)

2) She shd have a very charming smile

Me : sweeetheart...errrr...hmmm...mujhse wo tumhara fav wala flower-vase toot gaya
She: :) hehe! maine kal hi ek usse se bhi accha market main dekha tha, accha hua toot gaya
Me : (to myself - but I wanted that place to put big speakers, tabhi to vase thoda tha!)

Me : getting home after a hectic day of browing the net at office
She: :))
Me : happy and comforted.

She: Sitting beside Me, smiling always.
Me : You have a lovely smile!
She: :))
Me : Oye hoye! mar-javan, look at those cute dimples!
She: :))))
Me : Arre, kabhi to shrmaya bhi kar!

3) She should be able talk with me on one and all subjects , I mean we should be comfortable being together.

Me : Indian econamy is going down, you know yesterday I was reading in financial express that...
She: Mujhe pure 20 hazar chahiyen shopping ke liye, koi bahana nahi chelega

Me : yaar, ye 250 ka traget zayada nahi hai is pitch par.
She: Hai! Kya sunder saadi pehni hui hia mandira bedi ne!

4) She must be a family person!

Me : hey! I want pintu and munni.
She: I want chunnu and pinki as well alongwith them.

Me : Honey! I got a promotion.
She: Arre wah! Kya baat hia. Main didi ko, massi ko, chachi ko aur sab ko phone kar ke kal ghar pe party ke liye bula leti hun

5) Intelligent. (Should not be IIT types, But above average. It would be good if she's a bit of idealist too!)

Me : what is 255x22393
She: mujhe pata hai, mujhe pata hai, I know how to operate calculater

Me : yaar! main aaj ghar der se aaunga.
She: kyun, kya hua?
Me : Kissi se milna hai.
She: Ok! to aate hue raaste main katie aur chhavi se bhi milte aana, kitne dino se unse nahi mile ho

6) She should be independent. Also, she should be clear about what she wants.

Me : Oye! kal kahin gumne chalen.
She: Aap to bus rahne hi do ji, apko kuch yaad hi nahi rahta hai, kal mujhe maaji ko doc ke paas leke jana hai aur apni gadi bhi theek karvani hai, kafi din se kharab padi hai.

Me : You look happy today!
She: yeah! I bought an apartment for us today!

7) She should be very smart n' sexy!!

Oye! Iski explanation ki koi zarrorar nahi hai. Aur vaise bhi yahan thodi hi likhoonga ye details ;-)

To ye thi meri girlS-of-my-dreams ki daastan.

I guess I'm too stupid! I'll keep wandering in my dreams lands where the girl would be more beautiful than ash and priyanka combined, have brains of Newton and Einstein's combined, more sporty than sania and sharapova combined, more caring than than the ekta kapoor serial's all heroines combined etc etc till I'll be shaken up by the reality bites and would get my second life!

Till then let me dream, my imagination is all I got :))

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

27th June, 2007 - Football-Shutball Hayo Rabba

Ok! So, here's another day to remember - 27th June two thousand and seven!!
The morning was just as bright as any other June morning. And an mobile alarm rang in B58D. But, can you believe it was only 5:20isham. I hit the snooze button as always. And it rang again after 5 mins. Now, as I told you there was something special about this morning. And instead of snoozing it again I got up and stopped it. Yes, I got up at 5:30!!! Went to wake San who was sleeping watching dreams of tanushree and chhavi as usual. But, today was different I told you. So, I pushed him to wake him up. He cudn't believe what he saw through his half closed eyes.
So, after 10-12mins of freshening up we both Ronaldo and Rivaldo were ready to hit the field. So, we went to the field. I took the ball and give it a small hit. Wow! I hit it and didn't sprained my leg. This was amazing. so, after a bit of warming up we played two halves of 10mins each. It was brilliant display of football. Score was 2-1 or something like that but who cares for score. And, now coz we were still feeling quite fresh we decided to took two jogging rounds of B-block. We had just started to jog that another beautiful omen was awaiting us. We were going from W-E and two girls (well, one was kind of young auntie, san told me later but I dint see her coz I'd already done the batwara and the one in black t-shirt was mine,so I concentrated on her!) were coming from E-W. We cud only complete one round coz they stopped after one round. And as far as I and san believe, we four made a pact ankhon hi ankhon main that we'd see each other tmrw :))
So, here it ended the perfect morning, hoping some more to follows....

Monday, June 18, 2007


While I was in london this summer I asked my friends to play a game on mails called story-telling where each would pick up a story where the other left and so on.

This turned out to be so much fun, so I just thought of posting it here for nostalgia (but only is comments section as it was quite long :)

Saturday, June 2, 2007

My Friend?

The clouds just need a reason,
A reason to pour down.
A single seed is waiting,
The reason has been found.

It only took a reason,
For the rose to survive.
Evoked a smile from a cripple,
Cause enough for it to thrive.

It took a single reason,
For the high ice to melt.
A single traveller is satisfied,
Complete the river felt.

A single reason is all I need,
This burden I will dare.
A single friend is all I need,
To make this world seem fair.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

What's happening!

I'm confused! Whats new in it. I've always been confused. I'm bored also. I once read that being bored is an insult to oneself so, I'm feeling guilty about myself too. Everything seemed to have lost charm these days. Things used to be better when I was younger. (Am i old? nah! but I was younger for sure) Probably its law of diminishing utility which is sucking life out of everything I used to enjoy before. Still, I'll have to find something interesting to do or these daemons of boredom will eat me out. yeah! I should goto my friend's cubicle to discuss about the girl who has recentlly joined ;-) tada.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

fanatastic trip - day1

On sat after the holy dip in haridwar early in the morning we sat out for rishikesh from where we had plan to goto Neelkanth! After having tea-breakfast we started our voyage to Neelkanth which is 11km of trek with a steep climb up the hill...

It was fantastic journey on the hill...steep climbs...lovely pathways...heavy bag...some monkey and langroos...beautiful sceneries while looking down...and we managed to reach there in the afternoon which must be feat in itself...

And after the darshan of holy shrine of neelkanth we started out journey back to rishikesh...forgot to mention we'd great lunch there...aloo parantha size of big thali and costing only Rs 12 with curd...needless to say we cud have only one even at that time when we were so hungry...

And we were even faster going down and I thought we'd be back in rishikesh in less than 2 hours...but maybe we were destined for some more, we decided to goto laxman jhula instead of ram jhula from where we had come...and voila! that road extended our foot-journey by only 5-6 kms...and I think we must have walked some 30kms or so on that day...We met a nice Swiss(?) old man there...and we had a nice brief chat with him...

Back in rishikesh we found a nice dharmshala which has such nice sofas and good hard bed...And after a fantastic dinner at chotiwala...we spent some time on ganga river bank...we went to our room and had a really good sleep, knowing that tomorrow another beautiful awaits for us...